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Personally, I wish it DID use op amps in the preamp section anyway. It will be DAMN difficult to replicate the performance of an AD8599 discretely. Discrete circuits can be built very well, but they are also a bit more susceptible to noise because they take up so much more space and use much longer wires between components. That said, as long as the SNR turns out well, it should be fine. I once had a NAD T753 with the worst SNR ever, so it does happen in relatively...
Varies depending on the equipment. Most MP3 players these days can handle up to at least 320Kbps if not even (unofficial but existent) higher e.g. 384Kbps. Some equipment also supports AAC, WMA, etc.
Elemental Designs has always been terrible. eDead is a crappy product. Even worse, they're known for ripping their subwoofer manufacturers off, and their customer service is junk. Their flat-cone subs were some of the least reliable subs made, and their car amps have/had crappy reliability as well. For decent sound deadening on the cheap, I recommend RAAMMat v2 or SoundDeadenerShowdown. For good stuff, Second Skin.
Yeah well I've seen more issues with the passive circuit than the active. The passive LOCs for cars almost always have relatively bad reviews compared to the active ones. OP can figure out which he wants to do. I'm right about the gain thing. Most to all gain is applied in a/the preamp stage. Goes for both low-end and high-end. It may not be an EE course but I have 4 years of electronics at a tech school (and then I went on to computer science instead). I'm not ignorant...
Because they are not necessary whatsoever. And what exactly do you have backing these claims up? Which Denon receivers did you own and what speakers did you use them with and what was the problem?
Yep, was thinking of 2EQ there.
Wrong. It does not have pre-outs. And 200W is only 1.5dB more than 140W.
Hey, maybe DIYMobileAudio is still looking for someone new to run their Klippel testing. Or maybe we can convince Zaph to test it...Edit: Whoops, messed up the quote. Fixed.
The 1712 has a much better Audyssey version that adds equalization of the subwoofer and more channels of equalization. I really recommend you do go refurb for either the 1612 or 1712. A4L is well known and liked and an authorized Denon dealer (amongst other brands e.g. Marantz). They do have the 1712 new for $50 more.
Wow, I totally missed that before. Eyesightfail, LOL. Unplug that board (again, make sure the caps are discharged, put a 1k resistor across the poles for a few minutes otherwise) and make sure the resistor isn't burned and measure that resistor with an ohmmeter and make sure it's not open and that it's at least close to the rated value. Replace if necessary. And check to see if any electrolyte is leaking or anything on the cap. They all seem ok from "here" though. I'd say...
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