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It didn't look so small with Pro Cinema 100s. and the dang thing just refuses to die. Trying to convince the mrs that it should become the bedroom tv.
Studio Monitor 350s for L and R and a CLR 2002 as my center. The sub is one of the 10" ones from the Pro Cinema line, but plenty loud for our space. Next is to sort out if I can do rear in-ceiling speakers.
I've played this on the PC since launch using an Xbox 360 controller + chat pad and wanted to share some thoughts that might/might not come in handy on the PS3/4 versions: 1) Don't forget that you can access three sets of 8 skills in your cross hot-bar for 24 total LT/RT/LT+RT. You may need to enable things in you character settings menu to really tweak things for your preferred play style. 2) Frequently used skills that you might want to use while moving/dodging should...
Sadly (or maybe not so sadly ), I will now be unsubscribing from this thread
Why not just use an ISY home controller rather than the hub?
Photo as promised: Currently driven by a Denon AVR-2809. Joe - do you think there is significant benefit to an external amp over the AVR-2809 for driving Studio Monitor 350s and the CLR 2002?
Just augmented my ProMonitor 100s / Prosub with a Definitive Technology CLR 2002 for my center channel. It's a beast! Next step will be to upgrade the ProMonitor 100s to SM 350s and move the ProMonitors to the rear. Pictures forthcoming shortly.
At that point you've essentially changed line of speakers and I'd think that DefTech would have done much more extensive work matching the CS 8040 to the SM55s.
The ProCenter 2000 has matched woofers to the ProMonitor 1000s that you selected, which is nice. Is there anywhere else you can go to hear them side by side?
Added a ProSub 80 to my pair of ProMonitor 100s today. $15 at the garage sale next door Crossing at 100 Hz for now and sounds great. Will have to run Audessy later. Was itching to buy a big sub, but this I couldn't resist. Should hold me over a couple years.
New Posts  All Forums: