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How have you guys like your Sactionals over time? Still using them? How are they holding up?
Enjoying XIV on the HTPC so far. I think the leveling system will end up working well due to it's flexibility. If you level a class well beyond a friend, it's easy enough to pick up the weapon of another class and work that instead. 2 great things come of this - 1) You get to play with your friend without having the balance of the game a mess - 2) Many of the skills you learn while leveling the 2nd class (or 3rd, or 4th or 5th) can be loaded onto your skill bar while...
Just picked up Final Fantasy XIV. If you're into MMOs, you might want to check it out. It'll definitely push your rigs capabilities if you turn all the settings on. The world looks beautiful. Sadly I can only handle 720p on my HTPC with most options turned off. It's very gamepad friendly for an MMO (since they are planning a PS3 launch later).
Sharing a budget would help people make recommendations. It's very difficult to talk generically about upgrading without a price point in mind. Also, are you set on upgrading all 5.1 at the same time? Or would you consider an approach where you use your budget to replace FL and FR now, and then add other speakers later. A 2.1 channel set up could sound significantly better than your existing Onkyo 5.1 setup.
Filesize isn't what matters. It's the video bitrate. Some blu-rays stay comfortably in the 20 Mbps range and these might be manageable. But other videos have peaks into the 40+ Mbps range and averages in the low 30s and will prove difficult to stream wirelessly without the occasional stuttering.
It supports passing the video without scaling. I believe Sage refers to it as Native Switching mode. The HD300 (and if IIRC the older HD200) both support this.
Requiring the display to be able to decompress the video would obsolete your display every couple years. As compression algorithms evolve, you wouldn't be able to hook new equipment up to old tvs. However, to support a new format you always need to buy a new playback device - hence why that device decompresses the video.
Another option would be something like the Logitech Z-5500, except for I think you need one with only 2 speakers.
In my current apartment I have no options to address that, and have to sacrifice bass if it is an issue for the coming 8-10 months.I meant that buying Studio 100s would at least guarantee me that I won't have an upgrade issue if I move to a much larger room. But I see why you think that's what I meant when i reread my prior post.
I'm surprised there hasn't been more discussion around this card. Did anyone ever give it a try? Are there any driver issues with W7? Can you configure levels, delays properly? Anyone running this straight to an amp?
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