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One of the guys at MissingRemote.com just reviewed this...the Phantom Lapboard. It looks designed to use the keyboard with one hand and the mouse with the other all in your lap. http://www.missingremote.com/index.p...=5040&Itemid=1
You can buy graphics cards with HDMI that support carrying the audio as well as video. You just need to select the "video" card as your audio output device in the Sound Control panel. One thought might be to use a graphics card with HDMI out (supporting both audio & video) to your tv, and then get a good sound card dedicated to sending audio to your music listening system. Then use somehting like Girder or EventGhost to switch the audio output device based on the...
My first real speakers were when I swapped out my White Van speakers for a pair of Bang & Olufsen RL60s. I remember at one point I disassembled the White Van speakers and while doing so poked a hole in the woofer with the screw driver. There was no impact on the sound quality Somehow I turned a profit on the White Van speakers selling them to a fraternity. They had metal grills to protect against the random thrown beer bottle...
If only people would realize that and put the same amount of money into their audio setup as they do their video setup.
I thought Studio's were on v5 and that it's the Monitors that are on v6....but I could be wrong.
Yes!Also Final Fantasy I
From your reasoning, I take it that you don't see value in video on the iphone...? Because Netflix is just another video source to choose from. While I don't often watch video on my phone I do find it nice on days when I take the train. I also was recently on an airplane that had WiFi, but no TVs either above or in the seats so streaming video on my phone would have been a nice alternative there. The upside to streaming video is also that you don't have to worry about...
Not exactly. Dolby's recommended placement has the surround speakers located 20 degrees (IIRC) behind the listening position. So the speakers are both to the side and to the rear. DTS recommends the side speaker approach in line w/ listening position.
In the used markets there should be plenty of options. I bought my Denon 2105 new 5 or 6 years ago for less than $500 and it has both options you are looking for. I'd go explore Audiogon.
For some reason, at MissingRemote, we have been cranking out the keyboard reviews lately: http://www.missingremote.com/index.p...=30&Itemid=236 I also personally own a Logitech DiNovo Mini that is great, especially when you are just doing a limited amount of typing, or just a couple quick mouse clicks. However, I prefer one of the mid-size wireless keyboards for extended sessions that would involve email, forums, lots of typing, system setup sort of situations.
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