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If you haven't already, try contacting Roku support. This should work w/o any strange configuration changes.
What does this mean?
The 929 is the replacement for the 818.
I've had that problem (the drive was spinning down or something similar IIRC) too.
Check the motherboard vendor's site for GPU drivers.
Yes. Just make sure that you install the MEI driver, or PAP won't work.
Insightful, as always .
No.I was told that it actually works, just counter-intuitive to setup. Haven't had a chance to see if it works though.
There have been issues w/ Deep Color and levels w/ RGB-Limited, but the levels thing got sorted a long time ago and Deep Color doesn't matter (yet)...Regarding decoding issues, are you referring to the non-standard DXVA2 implementation? If so, they changed that for MPEG2 & AVC quite a while ago. VC-1 is still outstanding, but users can user Eric Gur's filter for all three.
What would you use deep color for?Levels are only an issue w/ Intel HW if you prefer to use RGB-Full (i.e. main use case is as a PC). If the primary scenario is video content, the levels work properly.
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