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Thought I'd post this up . There's a couple more here.
FWIW, I did it the other way (put the 818 behind the NAT firewall). There are some downsides, but it definitely works better than the other way around (for me).
How different is it year-to-year? Primarily new features, or does behavior change as well?
Confirmed. I had to do a recovery flash to make it work, although that could be because of 1) the age of the BIOS on it (I was a few behind) or 2) it's not a "production" board.Either way, glad it's fixed.
If there still is a real eHome team, I'm not aware of it. AFAIK, the eHome stragglers were absorbed by Zune a long time ago, then that team was disbanded. Both "teams" probably exist on paper as part of a PM portfolio, but not in any real sense. There maybe occasional critical bug-fix type development, but not at the scale required to advance the product.Is there any official documentation of this? Of course not. It's silly to even ask for such a thing.That said, believe...
Yes, this is true. It's also probably worth noting that I usually buy mid-level (boring) motherboards, so it's quite possible that my observations are not valid at other segments in the market.That depends on how you define value. To me, value is not just price but what I get for the $.- Is a system stable, not just when it's on but when it comes to standby/resume.- Can I run it for a month at a time without rebooting?- How much power does it use?- What is the level of...
I've never had owned or tested an ASRock board so I can't comment on that, but my experience w/ Asus does not mirror yours. That's not to say that they are bad, just not as stable as Intel systems in my experience. The only boards I've used that approach Intel in stability are Gigabyte with Intel chipsets.I started writing reviews because after buying hardware, my experience didn't match the reviewer's. There are a few sites/reviewers that I trust, the rest - not so much.I...
I'm curious what informs your opinion.That said, soon it won't matter much anyway.
The strategy is to get users accustomed to using your device as a portal to content, then (I imagine) replace the unpleasant parts with a better experience under your control (i.e. get them watching TV through the Xbone, then shift away from STB to IP delivery over time). I expect that MSOs will realize at some point that it's better for them to create an app that wraps their content than let the device marginalize their existing infrastructure. They desperately want to...
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