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MS's home media strategy does not involve WMC in the system. If they were to build a new DVR, it wouldn't be PC based. From what we've seen so far the Xbone does not have native tuner support.Obviously since the Xbone runs Windows, and eHome has well developed tuner support it would be possible (easy?) to build an all-in-one solution with the device. We have not seen any indication that this is happening though.
I haven't had a chance to test this, but it's promising.BIOS.
The Xbox One's approach to TV isn't for WMC users anymore than Google TV's was. The device wraps MSO hardware, so features like PVR & multi-room are dependent on the MSO's approach - or lack thereof.While I can agree that more information from Ceton on the state of the Echo is desirable, I cannot see how the upcoming Xbox is in anyway competitive with WMC + MCX. In fact, AFAIK it's still unclear whether the Xbone will be a MCX.
I'm not aware of any MSO STB that supports CEC. If they exist, it's very rare.It looks like the XBox One will use IR blasters to control the STB.
It is possible to wrap the dll in a MFT, but you'd have to do some MF->DS types translation to make it work.
4K@24Hz is supported by the current spec.
From our perspective I can't disagree with that .To the broader market where customers & retailers are clueless it's not as damaging to play with the #s. If they did this in the CI/high-end targeted models (1000+), then it certainly would require some head scratching. If there is a 929 this year it they have to clear space somewhere.
Agreed. Model #s aren't the key when comparing - look at the price.Let's wait to see what is delivered at the 818's SRP before complaining about decontenting.
It's a bit more complex.If no source requests HDCP A/V will not use HDCP, but once a device requests HDCP it is enabled on the entire bus. Even if you turn off/remove the initial requesting source it remains enabled until the AVR is power cycled.
Also, most PC audio drivers don't map 6 channel audio to 8 channel setups correctly. So if you use a player that doesn't have a WASAPI audio renderer, there's a good chance that sound intended for the side R/L will come out the rear R/L speakers.
New Posts  All Forums: