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That's a great idea. Might be worth seeing if adding a travel router to the mix helps.Agreed.MCX sessions are essentially RDP w/ a sideband for A/V content, and RDP doesn't care what the source IP is so it would be weird if just changing the IP would cause it to repair. Perhaps when the Echo is powered down long enough it forgets its username and WMC tries to look it up by IP (and fails)?
So you have your laptop setup as a WMC "server", using the Echo to connect to it as a MCX, and leveraging ICS as a soft router?
They said the target was CEDIA (late summer), but it could easily be later than that.
Even if the scaler could do that (although it might be technically possible, but not allow it because...), there's no way to get it out the back end. HDMI doesn't currently provide a way to transport 4K60.Bottom line. 4K is a developing standard with only academic usefulness right now. There's no [meaningful] content, limited transport, and support in existing devices is mostly for marketing purposes. Don't buy anything [for] 4K that doesn't support HDMI 2.0.
I'm curious about the implementation, but I'm not getting a cable box, switching inputs isn't scary, and I don't play games - meh.
The scaler on the Echo isn't great (why I asked about native output). If native output is enabled, it would be interesting to see if configuring the TiVO in the same way produces different results (i.e. is it the scaler in the TV that sucks or the Echo's SD DI implementation). This information would be useful to Ceton if they want to fix it.
Is the Echo set to native resolution output?It's interesting that DI is acceptable for 1080i, but not 480i. Maybe different conversion methods are used by the Echo?
They ask because many people don't file tickets. If you've filed a ticket and provided the repro, what value is there in complaining about it? TBC, if someone want to spend their time that way, more power to 'em. I just don't understand why they value their time so little.In most threads the community is able assist people with questions and issues. OS is not required for that. This is the point of a forum like this. Look around, how many none-OS products and projects are...
I'm surprised you need this defined.Productive includes:- Noting issues- Looking for solutions- Helping others- Constructive feedbackIt does not include:- Being rude- Being offensive- Ad hominem attacks- etc.Being critical is productive, being a jerk about it is not. Expressing valid concerns inappropriately will often get you ignored; "flies & honey"...Everyone gets an opinion: if the product works for you, expressing that shouldn't get you shouted down; if it doesn't,...
#3Comparing the state of the Echo at release to now, we have seen significant positive change. Obviously, still not perfect yet.
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