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Agreed. We went through a similar period during the industrialization of the US, although we still crap on the environment quite a bit. In historical context, the movement of manufacturing is an important vehicle in the creation of a middle class, which in turn leads to increased democratization and demand for luxuries (like leisure time, clean air, safe labor conditions, etc.). Wealth is an essential building block of generalized political empowerment. It is selfish (and...
That's not universally true, but the more important question is whether that is a efficient (or desirable) outcome.These things aren't tied, income inequality is a separate topic. This is about specialization.Of course it could be. It would probably cost more though.
It's important to challenge public statements that are offensive and ill-informed.
You are entitled to an opinion, and there may even be some anecdotal experience behind it, but jingoistic stereotyping isn't productive.
There are sound economic reasons why we don't make these sorts of things in the US, and while there success cases (some recently in the news) where boutique manufacturing makes sense for some types of products. I don't think the supply chain fundamentals are consistent with this assertion for this type of device.
Almost all of our toys are built in Asia using components sourced from Asian suppliers. The difference b/w Ceton and many other OEMs comes down to volume. When you can't commit to buying large quantities, the available options are more limited...
TBF, no one has it.Until the next version of HDMI is defined (which will require new HW in everything) it doesn't make sense to go 4K.
Thanks. I have Cox, but I'm not sure if they have any H.264 channels in my area. Will do some digging.FWIW, I had a similar issue with previous drivers & MPEG2 content. It went away when I rebuilt the PC.
I haven't heard this before. Is it documented somewhere?
Why is that?
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