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It is supposed to disable the video processing step in the video pipeline, I don't have the necessary equipment to test if it actually does or not through. Depending on the design OSD overlay could be a separate step, and given the results it probably is.
No. If the OSD setting is enabled, you should see it (i.e. it should do what the setting indicates).If you don't it's a usability bug; users shouldn't have to understand that some VP is required to overlay OSD on images.VP and start up process are discrete things. I don't think these two things are related at all (why would they be?).This generation AVRs have very good standby power consumption numbers (especially when compared to previous years), I think it's logical to...
Did you disable the OSD?
"Direct" applies the least VP, some is still necessary for OSD.
Check the volume settings on your PC. If you're using Windows 7+ also check the per application volume in the mixer.
No. Other boards work as expected.Also I pinged someone at Intel about this, still waiting for confirmation.
Set it to 1080p.I'm not sure what the 1080p/24 setting actually does (besides the obvious conversion of whatever comes in to 24p). Ideally it would IVTC, but it could just be decimation. Better to let the source device handle it, if it can.
HD4000 w/ dual channel RAM @1600 can handle many of madVR's non-DXVA2 scaling options.
That's probably why they don't. It keeps the BOM down.
I'm not sure if it's possible to just disable the volume display, but you can disable the OSD in the setup menus which should also disable that.
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