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Kinda gives new meaning to the word "audiophile", no? Honestly this has been a very eye opening thread. I always figured there was a bit of this going on, the PJs come to mind. But now, hmmm. Interesting.
I'm going to have to start parusing these $20,000 threads for the next $1000/$10,000.00 piece of gear.
Very true, I wonder how long Lexicon thought that they could get away with this? It's not like the Oppo is an obscure BD player, and the resemblance is quite obvious. Looks like they got caught with their pants down.
I think if they sold it for around $1500, did a tweak or two, or would at least be able to upgrade the firmware like the Oppo, it would not be an issue here or probably anywhere.
I have mine, SVS, set at right around +.05 or +1db on my Denon 4308ci, the cross over is right around 60hz, the L/R are set right around +6db and the center is somewhere around +5-7db. The gain is right around 11 o'clock. The cross over on the SVS is set to maximum as the Denon controls it. The LFE on the Denon is set to "on" I believe, speakers to small. It will shake the entire house like this and will move you as it is pushing some serious air.
It is probably the AR coating on the Panasonics giving off the green tinge. I have the Sammi 58B560, the AR coating on it is clear to my eyes, no tinge of color from the glass. And I also just picked up a Panasonic PN42U1 1080p plasma, it does not have the AR coating, so no green tinge there either. But the pq of the Samsung in my basement is much sharper and handles the colors better than the new Panni. But the Panasonic fanboys tell me I purchased a junk tv, so go...
No, I get bashed all of the time on the plasma threads... I bought a Samsung 58B560 plasma, it does not buzz and looked better than the Panasonics, I'm told it's junk... I buy a Panasonic PN42U1 and told by the Panasonic fanboys its junk because it doesn't look as good as my Samsung! The fanboys no less! The end all and be all Panasonic is JUNK? And I am not the guy that tells someone you need to buy this or that in regards to tv's. My motto is, and always has been, buy...
I would put them in my garage, slap em in the wall or box em in and get a cheap avr to move some music or talk radio when you are out there putzin around. I wouldn't put them in my HT.
Hey, I bought one of those, went out to drop around $600 on a TV for my bedroom and wound up dropping 2 grand instead for a number of reasons. It's not like I went and knocked you over the head for the money. Sounds more like you're jealous. In regards to this Lexicon, well this is a flat out rip off in my book. If they were charging around $1500 for the player, I doubt any of us would be here. But $3500? That is outright theft in my book, especially when it tests out...
Where to start? Here are some links to places I have used to install my own home Cat5e network and whole house audio. http://www.avovercat5.com/ http://www.htd.com/ http://www.techtoolsupply.com/aboutus.asp And I would recommend wiring up for whole house audio, because you have not lived until you have a real whole house audio system. Hey, your electrician is in there... Speaker cable is cheap. For the network and coax... Sit in each room, including the bathroom...
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