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Ok.. slign support sites seems to shy aware from directly answering this question.. dont know why but it seems to that way to me. Anyways situation one : SBPro connect to uverse main STB which is also connect to my home AVR setup..blah blah.. Situation Two : SB Solo HD..connected to uverse wireless STB which connected directly to TV. Problem.. unless if my AVR is powered on in situation1 or the TV is powered on in situation2 , I will not get FULL screen when I...
kinda my feeling too.. I dont try hard and I dont see it. I think I've seen it once very early on (like 2nd day) and since then nothing.
sounds like it's not setup..or connected to the internet, or you are not signed in
I have no idea about the reboot thing.. I dont have a revue...yet. Actually I would just be using it on a TV..no AVR, no STB.. my bro would be using a slingplayer android app to watch my Uverse from afar.
what do you think of the device for someone who is not real good with computers.. just basic web surfing.. some email.. and the rest just watching TV and maybe occasion use of slingbox app.. I'm thinking of getting a revue for my bro (who is 350miles away) and add a slignbox to my 2nd unused receiver..so he can mooch off my Uverse.
yes and beware or panny green blobs
I have no pops or brightness issues either...
why start a new thread.. peeling has it's own thread already ?
I chose the Sammy, but back when I got it... Panny had not fixed that brightness issue and it was quite a few $$$ more expensive. I like the motion,colors and 3d better on the sammy and black levels more on the panny (minus the brightness flucs).. so the choice was easy. I dont have the pops other Sammy owners complain of, but I did have the peeling screen, which was fixed by service. Since the prices are more even nowadays it's a harder choice.. just go with your gut,...
there you are clearly misinformed..atleast with the 2011 line
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