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Great points!!! It appears that 4K is coming but I have to wonder how many are willing to obtain new pre-pros or AVR's, new HDMI cables, new displays and new UHD Blu-ray player knowing that Blu-ray only became popular after BD Players dropped to $100 at Walmart... 4K from source to display IS coming, but methinks it will be a very slow implementation since many of us are still happy with 1080P...
I have always admired the Denon AVP -- it has been kept up to date thanks to Denon engineering and it appears that this pre-pro is basically immortal. With that thought in mind -- does anyone know if there will be a user-paid video upgrade to 4K?
The wall mounting hardware for the BPVX's and BPVX/P's consists of a small metal plate about 3/4 inch wide by about 2 inches tall with a keyhole slot inset into the back of the speaker -- thus, a single screw into a stud or drywall wall anchor of sufficient strength is left sticking out about a quarter inch over which the key way in the metal plate is hooked. MikeSp
4 3/4 inchesMikeSp
Sandy Gross who started Polk and Definitive Technology has a new company called GoldenEar and there are some rave reviews about those speakers and some are in your price category!!! Personally, were I setting up a new HT, I would definitely look strongly at (rather listen strongly to) GoldenEar speakers -- have heard them although did not audition them and was impressed with what I heard but did not bring with me any audition material and sit down and spend a few hours...
Here is a $1000 speaker shootout -- dunno if that will help.http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/two-channel-audio/69421-official-1-000-speaker-evaluation-home-audition-event-results.html#post635529MikeSp
I contacted Sound Anchor via email about making a stand for my CC5 since there are no Aerial Acoustics dealers within 400+ miles and received NO RESPONSE.MikeSp
That is certainly interesting -- they have posted on their website that the stands for aerial products must be purchased from an Aerial dealer. OTOH, I have custom stands from Sound Anchors for my JL F113 subs.MikeSp
Looking for an OEM Sound Anchor Stand for an Aerial Acoustics CC5 center channel speaker either new or in 8/10 or better condition. There are no Aerial Acoustics dealers in my state or nearby states, so would appreciate somebody PM'ing me with a good source or with one for sale. Thanks MikeSp
Perhaps you are referring to "headroom." Having more headroom in an amplifier is usually an advantage when the amp is challenged, i.e., when driving woofers.There are plenty of low power, high quality (VERY EXPENSIVE) amps out there that will produce a higher quality sound from the tweets and mids.With that said, I did not imagine (with my non-golden ears) that the sound quality, total image produced, etc. was substantially improved when I went from a 140 wpc receiver to...
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