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got it, thanks guys!
What exactly does it mean for a movie to have dynamic range? I normally watch about -15 below reference, does dynamic range mean that I can raise the volume to -10 to get more oomph? I found the movie to be quite low in terms of volume. I normally start a movie at -20 and will raise to a maximun of -15 and leave as is. I watched it last night when i was already tired and didn't finish it, but felt the 40mins that I watched was quiet.
I have around 18 panels that I've ordered from http://www.gikacoustics.com/ and their service is excellent and IMO, better than ATS, but a little pricier.
Me too, but is anything different with the ps4 version? Is there a bump in graphics that are noticeable or anything worth purchasing the ps4 version since I already bought the ps3 veraion?
Unless you have a dedicated home theater room, I'd be more interested on trying to get pass the WAF and explaining the speakers hanging off the ceiling.
I'd reach out to them again if I were you. I started out with two bass traps, just to see if I could notice a difference and with their help and support over the past years, I now have, roughly, 17 panels that I've purchased from them and everything placed in my room based on their recommendation and many e-mail exchanges.
how small of a room are we talking and is it a dedicated room?
I used to have mine to the sides and angled up. If you can, acoustic panels on that wall will make a world of a difference.
You guys ever watch trailers off hdtrailers.net? A lot of trailers on there have some really deep bass. The trailer for 300 and Godzilla have some pretty deep sweeps, well deep for me at least.
Honestly, if it wasn't for the audio, I would of turned it off. I felt like I did all of the talking for him, but will agree that not many actors can carry a film without words.
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