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I have a Marantz 2230 that I am using in a 2 channel rig right now. The speakers are not that good. (Sony ssk10ed) I am wondering if it would be worth the upgrade to something like Studio 60 v3 Or would the receiver lack in sound quality? I do have to be honest I love the warm sound the Marantz makes. But I hate the sony speakers. I hated them before.
I am going to connect these to my 1974 Marantz 2230. The Marantz is rated at 30 watts a channel but this was the golden age, and is very very under rated. I also love the warm sound. I will be connecting these to a nice Marantz CD played from 3 years ago. Will the receiver be the weak link? Should I upgrade?
Where would I be able to locate a dealer or online supplier?
499 per pair right now :dunno:
I am getting ready to purchase a pair of floorstanders. They will be used for surround music and surround movies. So they need to have rears that match and a center. What brands should I consider in this range? Rocket Paradigm Studio's? Axiom B&W Any other brands that you can think of would be excellent.
I currently have Paradigm Studio 20's. V3 I will be powering these with mostly 70's hi-fi hi-output gear. Right now they will be powered by a Marantz Model 2230. Which is 30 Watts a channel. (More like 30rms) My input is my computer hooked up to an external USB Dac.
What is the benefit to this? I was looking at getting this model.
Right now I only use optical ins from my Xbox 360,Cable Box and DVD player. I dont use HDMI except for picture from the cable box to the tv. I am looking for a new more powerful receiver right now. Because I upgraded speakers. If I dont use HDMI now, will I be forced to later? Will optical go away?
And their THD that has been tested? I am trying to find if Marantz has better ratings than Sony ES or Onkyo etc. Thanks in advance.
I have paradigm studio 60's and 20's. I am using a Sony 2ES now. And would like to upgrade from it, and send that to my bedroom setup. Any suggestions would be great.
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