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For reference, these are Google's DNS servers. They make them publically available, but remember that they can (and likely do) monitor your internet requests to them.
vrts800, Here's a link to my solution. I have since just routed both outputs to an upgraded AVR, but you get the gist of it. In there, I linked a product that worked like a champ.
I bought this a 65" VT50 in early December and babied it for a month - it was great, and didn't have a single issue with it, keeping it on THX mode at all times. I ordered Wrestlemania on PPV on April 1 and it had a graphic in the lower left hand corner with the WWE logo and the word "LIVE". The PPV lasted around 4 hours I believe. You probably know where this is going - on June 11th, my set still says "WWE LIVE" in the lower left hand corner. What I initially figured...
Use Wii Component cables and you can set the output of the Wii to 16:9, which will fill your entire screen. As far as stretching an existing image, the original remote has a button called "Pix Shape" that cycles through the various stretch & zoom modes.
I think the Panny's have a little bit better picture, but it's not night and day. I think the bigger lens is the key for me - with the Panny's, I can see around the glasses which is distracting. Also, I have to wear the Panny's in a "sweet spot" on my nose (about halfway down), whereas the larger lens of the Sony ones are more forgiving and can be placed pretty much wherever on my nose.
I personally like the Sony Playstation 3D glasses better than the glasses that came with the set. They are bigger and more comfortable on my head, and in particular the lenses are larger which helps with the effect. I can't compare them to third generation glasses though.
snoop, the upscaler isn't bad - it doesn't seem to be super difficult to go from 720p or 1080i to 1080p. Before you go super goofiness, give it a shot - I'm using it with my Panasonic P65VT30 and a Pioneer VSX-1021, and honestly I can't really tell a difference. Now that some nifty GoogleTV apps are starting to wind themselves into the marketplace (Social GTV is kind of cool), you can truly enhance your experience. At the end of the day though, spending $75 on a decent...
Sony remote can control the DirecTV box.
Happens on my set too whenever there is a very white area. I believe it's something to do with the amount of power plasmas need to consume to generate white.
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