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Having an issue since moving my cablebox to the Pioneer VSX-821 and feeding HDMI back to the Hitachi TV. When I first power everything on the color is off on the TV. If i shutoff the reciever and turn it back on the color comes back to what it should be. Thoughts/Ideas?
Looking for some advice on a in ceiling speaker install on a new construction job where they are having an energy star test done @ the end. I. Just trying to understand what steps I can take to make sure it's air tit after I install the in ceiling speaker, much like canned lights are. Any thoughts you have would be great
thanks for taking the time to provide some guidance
Not sure if the selector is impedance matching though, it had a "safety switch" on/off but not sure. How would in turn the impedance matching off not the control? Remove dip switch?
Thanks for feedback, because I have the impedance ,aching controls it seems like I don't need the selector now? I'll just wire nut all home run feeds to another four conductor which I can then tie that into amp??
Each control only controls one pair and I have all of them set to 8
sorry i might of misunderstood the meaning of running in parallel, i thought it meant hoping from one control to another and then back to amp, but sounds like i just have to wirenut all the pairs that i ran back to amp to another four conductor and then run that to amp
whats the impact of me running impendence matching volume controls not in parallel but straight back to amp? I have 6 volums controls, all homerun back to amp, each control is controlling one set of speakers. From the directions that I now read it says they should run in parralel, but @ this point its to late to change. I have a six room speaker selector sitting in from of the amp
What would you recommend if I'm not wiring these in parallel put running the four conductor wire from each control back to amp. Having issues with that second chart type control:http://www.skywalker.com/Catalog/Pro...ns/sky6010.pdf Have 6 volume controls that route back to amp, and amp keeps going into protection mode. I also have these controls going into speaker selector and then into amp, the selector has a protection switch in the on position. Any help would be...
Is there any benefit to using a 6 source speaker selector with 6 impendence matching volume controls? Right now I have each volume control going to the speaker selector and the the input on the speaker selector going to the output on the receiver for speaker set A. From a wiring standpoint seems a bit cleaner, but wasnt sure if I could just wire us all 6 control directly to receiver. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm working on a job now where their receiver...
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