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I usually pause too and it has worked ok for me. The one command that consistently doesn't work is "xbox on". I've tried to say it a bunch of different ways, but it never works. The rest work fine.
It will work all day after you reboot it, but will freeze the next day when you start it up. Sometimes it will start ok the next day, but freeze the first time you switch from a SD/stereo channel to a HD/Dolby channel. If you switch back to a SD channel, it will often unfreeze.
I'm in the same boat - the surround sound beta freezes up my Directv. I mostly leave it unchecked and listen in stereo and only check it when I'll be watching all day and don't mind going through the reboot process to get it unfroze. I hope they fix it soon as it sounds better with the surround.
I have my XB1 connection and settings set the same as you, with the differences being I have a HR24 Directv receiver and a Pioneer 1121 AVR. I have issues with the TV freezing - if I do a XB1 reset, it will do surrund sound fine all day, but when I turn it back on the next day, the TV app won't work. If I uncheck the surround sound (beta) checkbox, it will immediately work or if I re-set the XB1, it will work. I've been trying to figure out where my issue lies. I've...
I'd suggest zvox 220 or 320, depending on your TV size.
You have to select the proper input. Push the input button a few times and see if that fixes it.
I think some Sharp TV's will not output sound from their optical outs if fed a signal via HDMI. It's dumb and a pain and I've got a house full of Sharp TV's! I get around it by sending the signal straight from my devices to the soundbar - if you use an optical cable from the Xbox, it will sound good.
I have the same situation so I looked at speakers that were either sealed or front ported. I ended up going with NHT SuperZeros.
Thanks! Good info.
Awesome information. I would love to hear this same analysis of the components and sound of the NHT SuperZero. These are both speakers I had considered.
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