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Good news. I would like to get this when it becomes available. I have the G-501. Thanks for looking into this Motorman.
I certainly hope a piece of electronics as expensive as the 501 can be updated. I would hope they made improvements to the firmware but I have never heard of any type of update. In this day and age, that is almost unheard of.
So those of us with the G-501 can do a firmware update to get the function for Nvidia? Can this be done by us or will it require the unit to be sent back to VNS?
I am a huge horror movie fan and this one had the hair standing up on the back of my neck. Excellent movie! Reminded me of when I saw The Exorcist or the original Amityville Horror in the theaters. Yes , I'm an old man that can still be scared by a movie.
Is anyone able to view 3d on Netflix with the Panasonic? I have the 320 and no go.
I have the Geo 501 and it is an amazing piece of hardware. I have two Benq W7000 projectors and the 3d is better then any I have ever seen on any setup, hometheater or commercial including IMAX.
My player is the BD-5900 so yours should work as well.
I can see the 3d movies on my Samsung blu-ray player and Samsung tv but they do not show up on my Panasonic 320 Blu-ray player. Maybe we will get a firmware update on the Panasonic to get the 3d on Netflix.
What format are they using for 3d?
I setup my IPad for my living room and bedroom. I don't really care for it now that I have it done. I went back to my Logitech 1100 in the living room. I just missed having the buttons and not having to look at the remote to do the simple things. I still use it in the bedroom, but not sure how long that will last. It looks very cool on the ipad running roomie and nmj navigator, but.....I miss the buttons for lights out changes for volume and such. Just old fashioned I guess.
New Posts  All Forums: