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Streaming is not as good and I hope we're not forced to settle. Studios are probably jumping for joy over the lower costs of streaming versus the cost of manufacturing, warehousing, and distributing physical media.
I stand corrected. The film is a hybrid of sorts but most of it is stereoscopic. Here's something interesting. Hope the link works. I'm on my iPad .http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x16ok9o
I picked up Gravity 3D and yes, I agree it's stunning. However, as good as the cinematography was, the fact the the 3D was not natively shot did soften the experience for me. As a conversion, it was breathtaking and I don't know if it would have been possible to shoot it in true stereoscopic 3D but the outward depth was missing. However, it was certainly very nice to look at and I'd never want to see it in 2D since it was so well done.
Mine is so much more frightful because the speaker wire got tangled during set up and when connections were lost to the receiver when the receiver had to be slightly re-positioned. I kept all lengths unnecessarily to the same 75' length so you can imagine what's laying on the floor . I'll post pics later! The rug burns I suffered on my arms connecting my receiver to the wire I'll always remember.
The TV speakers are not in use so it was either something electrical in the TV or in the sound system. Hey, I'm over 60 and my senses are heightened! Anyhow, I'll take a wait and see. The speaker wire is a mess. I'm running a 7.2 nightmare in the back plus DVR, PS3, DIRECTV Genie, BD player, with a Monster power strip and an APC battery back up UPS.
I'm not sure how easy it'll be to find the cause. Hopefully, after hearing it three or four times, it'll just go away! Otherwise, I've had no complaints at all (knock wood!).
I've started hearing a cracking sound once or twice a day but not sure if this is coming from the TV or the receiver.
Too bad Vizio is dropping 3D from their new Reference line. I saw several UHD sets at Best Buy where 4K source samples were used. It is pretty astonishing to struggle to see pixels. The 55" set in discussion was a Samsung. 4K is no where in my budgetary future but it will be pretty much the new standard.
I'd still take an Ultra HD set as would any of you given the choice and no extra cost! Sorry to differ but even the 55" UHD sets look amazing.
I have the slightly less expensive twin, the KDL 55HX729 (no Gorilla Glass) but same video engine, etc. I have no problems with Netflix. It's still an app in my menu and works as it should. The TV recently had a software update as well.
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