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the manual says M4×9mm screws..
hi, i am ripping my blu-ray collection in file structure format. i want to stream to either my xbox360 or ps3. i also have a wdtv if need be. i am trying to find good software to do this, any ideas? thanks
hay guys, just picked up the 8350, i built a 103" 16:9 smx screen for it. any tips for getting the best color vs blacks? thanks arlan
too bad i work from home... i don't have a business address. already talked to bax global with no luck using them.
hay guys, sold my pj, i need to ship from my residence to a residence in brazil.. have any ideas. i am going to build my usual box on a pallet. thanks
got the service manual. can't belive that they don't list the part numbers for the led's... they list bloody cables but no leds.. luckly for you awsome people on the forum i have ordered them.
well my samsung died 2 days ago, always the fricken weekend. 2 months out of warranty. anyhow. i ordered the red led and lets see what happened.
thanks man, i had a wonderful time hanging out with the crew... can't wait for the next one.
with no movie theater this is what i have been spending my time on: http://bomrat.org/comet/comet_main.htm its going to be great seeing everybody again at williams. can't wait. i will be there early working at williams, gotta earn my keep.
don, your a sick bastard being up this early...
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