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I'm I missing something....Did the real Lex truly die?... we would always see hints of him in the dark shadows or see a bald man sitting in a wheel chair.... Did they ever show his dead body? To me they would imply that he was still around, hiding in the background.. Whats not to say that (Rosenbaum) won't come back as himself, (just after being away healing from his injuries)... This way he could come back as himself and discover that his cloning process has...
Since the ratings have been so good, and this the last season of Smallville... Maybe they can have a spin-off called "Metropolis" or "Daily Planet".... Would love to see further development of Lois & Clark and the life in Metropolis... I don't want this to end.... The shows have moving along so well.... It's sad.....A 50 year old man stays home on a Friday night just to watch "Smallville" Charlie
Did anyone catch Lois kept referencing the "glasses" in the future storyline... I believe they are going to use that as a way from disguising Clark from Superman in the future shows...(i believe someone mentioned it in an earlier post, I just assumed they were guessing) When he wears the special glasses it will "camouflage" him... Have not missed a episode from day one....I like where this is going.... I will be sad when the last episode gets here... Charlie
Just a reminder.... Just in case someone forgot Season 3 starts tonight at 8:45pm and need to set their DVR....
I agree to all the above... Need to mention...The episode when jack walks in and drops the head he just cut off... priceless... charlie
Did anyone catch that Justin Hartley (Green Arrow) co-wrote the last episode and wrote the teleplay for TV?... I thought it was a pretty good episode..... I just wish Clark with get some "Go-Nads"...
Just wanted to comment on the last episode... Really liked it...Liked how Clark realized that he had to destroy the Tower and destroyed it before it did anything....(didn't want to see Zod regain any powers) Really liked how he snatched Tess and threw her around.... But really appreciate Chloe, she will do anything to save Clark... Like the way the show is heading... Just Fly!!! baby Fly !!!! charlie
Hopefully...The writers of Heroes read this Thread.... I believe we need Peter to be able to keep Sylar in check.... Good vs Evil, Ying/Yang, Clark vs Lex, Kirk vs Khan, Xavier vs Magneeto, Jean-Luc vs Borg Now that the kid revived Peter, it will "reboot" his ability to get others powers. I just hope the storyline goes that route.
[quote=VisionOn;17229209]He still only has one power. He stole the wall jumping stuff from Mohinder last season and this episode he replaced it with speed from Ray Park.[/QUOTE I think they are stating Peter can pull powers from just being near the people again...I don't remember seeing Peter "Touch" the speedster before getting his power. HRG asked Peter, When Peter was standing near him, If he got his power...(I was doozing in and out so I might have missed...
I saw a actual documentary on TV the other night a about a small country sent over one man in a small boat with a bomb and declared war on the US and he won.... I believe it was a true story... The documentary was called "The Mouse that Roared".... I suggest you see it...It was well done...Very realistic... Charlie
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