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Will The Black Stallion be receiving the "review" treatment? I know it's an older title but I've been waiting to see this released in its natural aspect ratio (as opposed to the 4:3 DVD and VHS releases) for a long time. I already bought the BR disc and have watched it. Although it is presented in 1.85, the transfer is poor and no restoration efforts were made. And the audio has a terrible echo during dialog. I would be curious to see your take on it.
http://www.amazon.com/Herbert-Blomstedt-conducts-Beethoven-Blu-ray/dp/B007WB5D66/ref=sr_1_3?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1349303580&sr=1-3&keywords=bach Does anyone own this disc or has anyone watched it? Or seen a review of the quality (PQ/AQ and performance)? I searched but could not find any reviews. I would like to know if it's any good before I order it. Thanks?
Bob,I'm running the last firmware before ISO was killed...can't recall the numbers. My suspicion is that it's more an issue with the Mediasonic cabinet and how they implement this "synchronization" feature. I never had a problem when using the drives individually. Of course, that's just my opinion. Thanks for your help...it is always appreciated.
I believe I found the problem. There is a "synchronization" button and light on the unit. When this feature is "on", the Mediasonic cabinet turns off or goes to sleep when the PC turns off. I turned "synchronization" off and problem hasn't occurred again. I guess the USB port on the Oppo somehow looks like the PC (Oppo player) is off so the cabinet goes to sleep.
Thanks Bob. I'll hook up the drive bay to my computer and see if there are any settings.
Using a Mediasonic 8-bay drive enclosure with USB and 5 2TB drives installed. After watching a 2 hour movie, I press "Home" and then "Movies" and then it will usually display a list of all the drives (by name) and whatever disc is in the tray. Instead it will list all five drives but with generic names: USB1, USB2, USB3, etc... and if I select any of them, they are all empty...no files. If I reboot the Oppo, the drives come back with their correct names (Blu-ray 1,...
Just want to add one more unhappy voice to the din. Please remove this feature or at least give us a way of turning it off. Otherwise the app works fine. Thank you.
Just watched it and was impressed. I'm a huge fan of Alec's original version. But the shorter film version holds its own and was pretty tight. Plus, it looks great on BR! Now I'm in the mood to go back and watch the original.
The are not generally not part of the deal but that shouldn't keep you from trying. Many of the people working at BB don't know anything about the program and you can generally get a disc that is not part of the program. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on the store and personnel.
Then ignore the offer and don't participate. Others don't think it's a scam and some find it to be a convenient method of disposing of old DVDs.
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