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It would probably be right around the same area since the tuning is by default the same. Starting at 40Hz the PB13 would start to gain its advantage over the SB13. It would just grow at a faster rate. I think the PB13 would just be 1.5-3dB higher than the plus at most all frequencies but I'm sure there are others with better measurements.
Not quite sure what you mean? You want to know where its advantage starts vs. the SB13U in terms of low frequency max output?
Are we talking about the PB12+ or the PB13U? You mention the PB12+ in your title but reference the PB13U weight and the PB12+'s power output :confused;
The max output advantage of the PC12+ starts around 40Hz and will get larger as you get closer to the tuning frequency. Above that they will likely have similar max output with there being an advantage in the Ultra driver.Just make sure you know that what was best for someone else may not be best for your application. Opinions are nice but they go both ways.
Didn't get mentioned: Better finish Larger port area (in 16Hz or 20Hz tuning)
That is indeed possible
Indeed it does...but if I have PEQ + MultiEQ XT32 that is more than enough EQing. I don't need another layer.Integrating two subs so that they result in a significantly smoother response is not guaranteed and depends a lot on placement. If he has specific places for these subs(which he sounds like her does) there is no guarantee two subs will help.
I don't have dual subs so I don't need Sub EQ HT. I do have the feature on my receiver though.
As an owner of a PB12+ I would recommend that over 2 SB2000's or even dual PB2000's Anyway, one overlooked feature of the PB12+ is the DSP amp. The PEQ feature in particular took my sub from "nice upgrade" to "holy crap". Sure you can try and bet that you'll be able to correctly integrate duals in your room to get smoother response...but there is no substitute for tuning a sub for your particular room which you can't do without a separately configurable EQ. And I have...
Use an RCA splitter
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