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More to the point, not even an extremely well made twisted, shielded and/or RFI treated power cord should cost more than $15 for 3 ft, maybe $25 for $6.
I agree entirely with this. Personally I like Anthem, not because their amps are better (they're all the same as long as they produce the same clean watts), but i like the ARC EQ the best. In your price range, the Yamaha's are nice in the versatility and features they have, plus are a very dependable brand. I also like Integra, Denon, Pioneer, Sony, Onkyo, etc.You may not need it, but the Yamaha I mentioned for around $900 with a full out 2nd zone HDMI is really sweet,...
Not sure what makes separates better. As long as you have clean power from an amplifier (be it a receiver or a separate) and it is designed to run the type of speakers you have (2/4/6/8 ohms), then you can't hear the difference.
I can't comment on the Pioneer, but my son has the Yamaha R-S300 and it is a phenomenal stereo receiver for the price. Very clean looking, and powers his bookshelves with a ton of power. He's never had it up past 1/3 volume because his ears would bleed.
Why not go with a Yamaha RX-A1020? It got a top pick from Home Theater: http://www.hometheater.com/content/yamaha-rx-a1020-av-receiver and 5/5 stars from WhatHiFi: http://www.whathifi.com/review/yamaha-rx-a1020 You can get if for $900 shipped, so it's in your price range.
There's quite a bit of difference. The 11's replace the 2 five and a half inch bass drivers in the 9's with 3 six and a half inch drivers. It's also a an inch higher, deeper and 3 inches wider. In your room, the 11's would negate the need for a subwoofer. For the price difference, I'd go with the 11's.
paradigm prices have skyrocketed in the past four years. I got 350's for the kitchen for $550/pr in 2009. Went to get the same thing for my kids room in January and the same 350's are now going for $750/pr. Same for the AMS-LCR's. Go figure.
As an owner of an Optoma, I find their products are unreliable. Mine was sent back twice in less than three years. I know that all company's have problems, but do some research on AVS and I think you'll find Optoma's are the worst. That said, my sister has an Optoma and never a problem. Regardless, I'd rec'd the BenQ.
My recommendation would be Paradigm Monitor 9 (left/right) and a Center 3 (but you could also replace the Center 3 with another Monitor 9). Then get a Paradigm Sub 10.
You will find out that budget equipment in a properly designed room will surpass exotic equipment in an untreated room.
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