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Biamping does change sound as you're bypassing the crossover. But unless you're overtaxing the Pioneer you won't hear a difference. If you crank the volume near max then a more powerful amp will free up much needed power.
i would agree with you if this was the argument, but one person actually asked a question about power amps and one person responded with a false answer. Here's how I understand pairing speakers with power amps. Low wattage amps (let's say 50 watts) are sometimes pushed by their owners to such levels that they will clip a lot and damage speakers. This is a scenario far less common amongst high output amplifiers. However, any amp kept within its designed specifications...
PM's sent a few days ago. Just making sure you have all the options before making such a large financial decision.
My Sigs are home! Still just admiring the finish and going to break them in FAST!!!. I'm going on vacation in a couple of days and was wondering, what volume level should I break them in at? I've got a 6,000 track playlist setup and my SPL meter ready to get them going (24/7 for five days). Is 75 db average SPL too loud - or too soft? Any input would be welcome as I can't find anything from Paradigm on how loud to break in the speakers.
First, SONOS is music only. I'm just throwing options out there because I don't understand what you want to accomplish. Second, the links to the switches are for switches, not splitters.
The switch won't drop sound to 2 channels.Try to explain more of what you want to accomplish. For example, if you are playing a bluray, don't you want the ability to see that in all four zones? I don't see how adding an A/V receiver will help.
If you're going for music, just plunk down the money for SONOS. I finally got over my cost issues with SONOS about two years ago and couldn't be happier. My kids saved up money for their own SONOS units in their rooms, it's so easy even my six year old uses it constantly, and with a click of a button we can get seven zones sync'd in less than a second. Well worth the money.
You can take a look at this from MonoPrice: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=101&cp_id=10110&cs_id=1011002&p_id=5704&seq=1&format=2 For $145, it might just do the trick.
I'd STRONGLY rec'd going just a bit higher on your projector. The Epson 6020 (which I like better than the 5020 only because it comes with an extra bulb, two 3D glasses, mounting bracket and two extra years of warranty) is just under $2,900. You can probably get the 5020 for around $2,300. I really like Yamaha's in the sub $2,000 AVR budget range. The RX-A720 is about $600. Your room isn't huge, but it's not small either. I'd look at Paradigm Monitors. Maybe...
I think you can solve a lot of problems with an HDMI switcher, like this one: http://www.gefen.com/kvm/dproduct.jsp?prod_id=4562 You plug your AVR HDMI into it, then you can send that to all your zones. It might be expensive ($699), but you wouldn't need a new AVR.
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