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Well I went from a Sony Pearl to the RS45 this year and I will tell you it does everything better than the Sony accept the motion blur. But for most content you do not notice it. And the contrast #'s are not exaggerated they are without iris so it is FAR better than the Sony could dream of. And for what its worth the 3d is pretty damn good. I love mine just wish they could do away with the motion blur it would be the best projector I have seen under $20k. Whether its worth...
It doesn't use the full panel it is a save recall zoom setting. It also has all the correct scaling for animorphic lens use as well.
I have a fantastic shape Sony Pearl with approx 3000hr on it. 2 bulbs with about 800 hrs and one with just about 1100 hrs only reason I replaced them early as I already had them so why not. Was used in a dedicated theater very well taken care of hung on the ceiling. This thing throws a great picture and plenty bright for our 10ft screen. Let me know if you have any questions on need specific photos-local can feel free to come see it. Comes in original box with all original...
That you should and slightly better contrast at the same time.
Perceived brightness prob negligible the projector produces more brightness as you zoom out for the same picture size with shorter throw ratio but if the throw stays the same and zoom the image that much bigger it does eat up some light. Where you are maxed on throw you could leave a smaller image and gain contrast and sharper image while keeping the light output constant.
I have the New RS45 and prefer the image with the lens in place it is just sharper and cleaner image.
I have a 120" screen and a 480 lens at just over 15' and works great. Plenty of zoom to go. Oh and an RS45
Funny My Edge did just fine with shink aspects with lens in place all the time could do 16/9 on the screen. Yes true it would not do custom but he has a PC for that. I have had both and the DVDo is far easier to use than the Lumagen. and you will spend a ton on DVI to HDMI adapters or cables.
Exactly that everything seamed to be sharpened up crisper and cleaner image. I thought the same thing with my Sony Pearl the last few years just confirmed with the much better RS45. Thought MAYBE with the new lens memory (not that I wanted light spill and random image off the screen) I could get away without a lens. Zoomed that far just left it a little flat maybe the throw ratio would change things but my throw is set by the room. I do know every setup and situation is...
New Posts  All Forums: