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You have a grasp on it. With a 2.40 screen you need one of 2 things to happen to make it work. Zoom-16/9 fills The center of the screen then you would "zoom" the image out to make the 2.40 image fill the screen width pushing the bars off the top and bottom of the screen. Lens-Lens out 16/9 fills center of the screen. 2.40 image needs to be scaled digitally to fill the black bar area with image (think tall skinny 16/9 image) then it is stretched out width wise via lens...
The 200 is a Vertical compression lens so it works very differently. I would make sure it works for your setup first and see it for your self. I had the 85 VC (plastic version of the 200) which was a great starter lens but the difference in the 480 is amazing. Not sure how the 200 compares to it but I would rec. starting with a good Horizontal Expansion lens if you can afford to well worth it esp for a projector in the class of the JVC's.
As long as you can project a 16/9 image the same height as the 2.40 screen you want to use it will work. You are cutting it close aperture wise with a short 1.7 though ratio.
Nothing better than getting into 1080. But you can get started to see if it's right for you pretty easy. I started with a $500 Panamorph B stock lens and used Lumagen scaler and masked down my current 16/9 screen to 2.40. Loved it so...built a bigger screen found a used better Panamorph 440 lens best upgrades I have done since going front projection.
I picked up a used Panamorph 440 lens for well under your budget and the result is well worth it. I did some more testing on colors and contrast last night and much prefer The lens in place oppose to zoom. No pixel shift no contrast loss even looks sharper.
Agreed go scope I debated the first time too and ended up permanently masking the 16/9 smaller and going scope. Since rebuilt for a 10' scope screen and will always have scope.
The retail on the last RS projectors was $550 so it's a price break.
The Integra and Denon pre/pros have v stretch scaling built in. I use an older Integra and an DVDO Edge more options in the Edge.
I don't think it's any ribbing. I agree my wife can tell slight differences too when I switched Panamorph lenses she could tell the haze was lifted.
Oh oh me too...
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