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Made me giggle
Anyone else notice Amazon lists them as 1.77 ratio?
I'm completely agreeing with your post. And that any reflections can make a big difference in picture quality. I have complete black screen wall ceiling and carpet have fabric walls and still get reflections from my color choice on the walls. It's fine picture is incredible but the more you can eliminate the better it's gonna look. Too dark photographs terrible. I think you are on the right track and have great projectors in your sites and will be extremely happy with...
Reflections make a huge difference
Supposedly the Playstation will upgrade to 3D.... There are Blu Ray players with dual outs one for video and one for audio so no need to replace your receiver. So a good projector should do it. No exact yet but I think your $10k will cover the JVC
That was a little soon for the holiday weekend but I did send you a PM a few days ago. We can show you both anytime.
Or 16 American beers
Seen em used for about 300-400
They do the Lumagen HDQ will custom and can be found reasonable. By the way love your screen name great cartoon. Burnanator
Cliff has Sony CRT stack I have a Sony VW50 (hoping to replace soon) may have a meet this fall too buddy down the road has a JVC. Can also get you a look at just about any JVC, Samsung, Sims2... Just let me know.
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