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How about a acoustic transparent screen wider 2.35? Any projector you listed will have plenty of light output for the sizes you have.
If you have 14' width to work with why limit the scope screen size? Why not compromise with sizes and pick something in the middle 120"-130" wide scope will give you a great 16/9 as well.
The Sony VW85 is close as is the Planar 8150/RuncoLS5
Personally I would go 2.35 any day but that's just me. How big is your room and what's the seating? In your case a large 16/9 or maybe a CIA might be better? Personal preference
So are you using zoom or a lens?
My room is 12.5'x24' with ceiling height of 81" and I have a 10' wide 2.40screen seating about 10' back. I think the image is just right for the room. Of course always wish for a bigger room and bigger screen but thats not changing anytime soon.
On occasion I use my scaler to stretch the image out a bit and bump the top and bottom just enough to not loose the score tickers and info bar top and bottom. Network wastes a good potion above those.
Come on "High End" and he's never seen a good 2.37:1 setup?
Sorry it's what I had read on the 3D update. Will it do 3D and high res audio? Or just base 5.1
PS3 will be 3D but only 720P due to limit in bandwidth with audio as well HDMI 1.3 can only carry so much. Some players are using a dual output one for audio one for video to do full 1080P. The projector will require a player like that.
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