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Best Buy is selling the Micra 6 system for $300 as for the reveiver you can look at an online dealer and get a decent yamaha or pioneer for around $200. Go to pricegrabber.com and go throught the search.
I meant two more surrounds for 7.1
I asked why you were spending so much on a receiver and not as much on the speakers because the retail price is around $1400 but if you are getting it for $900 then it makes sense sorry. The suggestions above are also good you could also try the athena micra6 system. Best buy is selling them for $300 the originally cost twice that. I have heard them and the sound great and for that price you could buy two more of the surrounds and still have money to spare maybe some...
Not to sound like a jerk but why spend all that money on a 1080p a 2600 and then skimp out on the speaker system? The 2600 can run a much better system than that at least buy the SVS small system its about $1000. Spending more money on the speakers is going to make a much bigger difference in the sound that buying a expensive receiver. Just my $.002 but I think most people on this forum would agree with me. Good luck with the search.
Sorry if this question has been answered but there is too many posts to read through to get the answer. I am in socal I have D and am currently getting local hd stations from D and 70-99. Does the new dish add more hd stations than I already have?
Thanks for the info everybody I am going with the Pioneer.
My brother has an old sony receiver and is in need for an upgrade so myself and his girlfriend were going to go in on a new one for his birthday. I am looking a both of these receivers the pioneer seems like it has the best features but I was looking for some others point of view. By the way he wont be using it for video switching.
When at home there will be very little ambient light. When we use it at a wedding we just need to be able to see the pictures on the screen. It is usually not that bright at a wedding they try to keep it intimate.
My wife is a event planner mainly weddings and she sells the customers video montage's. We are looking into buying a projector and screen so we dont have to rent them anymore. I figured that if I was going to buy a projector why not buy one that is widescreen hd capable for when we have parties. We want to spend around $1000 on the projector. It also needs enough light output to be used in a non light controlled room for weddings. What would you suggest?
Is there no one out there that knows how to get to the samsungs service mode? I need to adjust my wobulation timing.
New Posts  All Forums: