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Thanks! I had attributed it to a lackluster HD channel. Anytime I tried to check anything out on there it was always crappy SD so I just stopped checking. The guide info displayed "HD" for a lot of shows that were not shown in HD, again figuring it was a crappy HD channel that didn't warrant any viewing time. Maybe now I'll check it out again.
Clear QAM HD is included with Basic cable since local broadcast channels are the only HD channels available in the clear. TBS HD was also available in the clear in the past, but not sure if it still is, haven't watched it since MLB playoffs.
All I want to know is where is Doomsday? It's like Lana all of a sudden hijacked the season, there better be a reason other than filler.
It's not on 265 for you? It's SD right now so don't know why you wouldn't have it.
I haven't seen anything exact for Connecticut but I have seen that Comcast has an agreement to carry this channel. The Cable/Satellite/Telco HD comparison chart at the top of the HD Programming forum shows MLB HD as "Announced".
Comcast offers every channel in digital right now (it's called ADS -- All Digital Simulcast), they're cutting all analog aside from some mandated channels to create more bandwidth for additional HD channels. Upgrading analog customers to digital now is an effort to limit the affected users once the switch is made. Even if you have a digital TV you cannot get much outside of the locals in digital as almost all channels are encrypted meaning you need a cable card or cable...
Sounded more like a delay of 3 months or so in continuing the migration, not 9 - 12 months.
MLB is 268 here. I'm surprised it was added to digital classic and doesn't require sports/entertainment subscription. Should be a very interesting addition once the baseball season starts with their "closer to the game" footage. Just saw Harold Reynolds and Hazel Mae on a demo clip for the WBC...
I got mine back today. It arrived in Illinois last Thursday morning. Got it back in three business days. Not bad. Very satisfied. Don't know if it works yet but impressed with panasonic's service so far.
Thanks for the heads up. List is updated with this addition for likely systems. As always let me know of any corrections that should be made based on your own systems.
New Posts  All Forums: