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Oh, sorry to leave out that exciting tidbit (CSN) That's a strange one about Hartford. Maybe you're headed for a bigger better upgrade.
New posting, don't feel like re-typing the whole thing so here's a link to the document. Highlights are some areas are getting GAME HD (MLB) and TEAM HD (NBA), I believe this is related to the out of conference packages you can buy. Also being added are a couple of PPV HD channels in some areas that don't have any at the moment. There is also the announcement of additions we've known about for the last month or so. Announcement
I bet they cut it down to locals only available as analog. At this point your choice would be converters for all TVs if you were to switch to UVerse or a satellite service. There really are no options and if that is Comcast's only chance of keeping pace with satellite as far as HD options go then that's how it has to be. Or maybe Comcast can ask for a bailout from the government to expand their systems at a faster pace.
Comcast Sportsnet has all the Celtics games, road and home, in HD. If your provider provides CSN HD in your area why wouldn't you get all the games whether it's AT&T or Comcast? Does AT&T do something stupid whereby they turn the channel on during game time only and only do it for home games?
I don't find Lois to be the most annoying character any more. At first she was so obnoxious with her insults and digs about anything Smallville or Clark. She has mellowed out a bit and is now a very solid character on the show. I like the occasional jabbing, but at first it was just too much, for my tastes anyway.
Cool, I hope it works out for you and would be interested to hear what you think once it's installed. Good luck.
Switch? I sure would unless you have multiple HD sets in the house and want to be able to record more than 2 HD streams at a time (unless they've increased the amount of unique HD streams that can be viewed at a time).
There's no way Lana is working for/with Lex. I also think they threw that text message to Lana in there to make us think the worst. Either way I want her stay to be short and end for good. I too am amazed at how good this season has been.
First post listings has been updated based on the recent additions reported in New Have and Vernon, thanks for the info. Vernon's lineup is shaping up nicely, 63 channels so far.
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