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Thanks for the info. If they're not in HD I'll just wait for the show to start. No need to watch it early if it's just in crappy SD.
A note for anyone that doesn't check out OnDemand very often (that would describe myself). I found tonight that there is no more "Network Shows" main menu selection, but has been replaced by "TV Shows". This category includes shows from many networks rather than just CBS as it has for quite some time. I was surprised to find "Sons of Anarchy" under there (an FX show) in the HD area as well. I wish I knew that before I bought the episodes on iTunes. I couldn't find the...
Seen this happen a few times now, luckily I think both times its happened it recorded the program at the correct time on the correct day (thursday) in addition to the wrong day (wednesday). Not much you can do for a first time recording though.
What's this? Just something to show us why WVIT HD's video quality lacks?
Call and ask them to send a signal to your box. The signal is fine as your other TV demonstrates, the box is probably looking at the wrong frequency for WTNH HD. Or I could be totally wrong
Added ~12:30 here. Saw an ad for High School Football in HD. Can't wait (just kidding).
No mention of the possibility of unexpected treats to go along with WCTX?
New filing was just posted on the DPUC website, nothing to get excited about. Announces Danbury lineup changes as of 8/5/08 (same new HD channels the Hartford and other areas received), Big Ten Network added to Seymour/Waterbury on 8/15 with correct channel assignment. No mention of any new HD channels to come. No updated on the WCTX HD addition timeframe. Oh well, I guess we're back to just wait and see. I'll let pplchamp1 transcribe the posting for anyone interested.
Do you know if any of the other scheduled additions have been added to the old Adelphia areas yet? ABC Family, Disney HD, etc.
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