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Full bandwidth, is my vote. Since I don't get OTA (which I assume you need to get the subchannels), I'd rather see the best quality possible.
Looks like I'll have to clear some space on the DVR or take Friday afternoon off. Might be worth it if it's definitely going to be in HD. Thanks for the update, hello33-3. I don't really understand the survey. You can only show one game at a time on wfsb, right? As long as the UConn game looks the best that it can, I really don't care about the rest. I'll watch them either way, but the more that are in HD the better.
usurpers, Thanks for verifying that the games will be on in HD. Does the guide have the info, or do you just need to tune in to see that it's on. Now I just wish they'd do the same with FSN HD broadcasts of Celtics games now that they're watchable again. Don't know why they can't send that feed over 381 as well. It really sucks that opening night won't be in HD around here now that ESPN moved the HD broadcast of that game to ESPN2HD and I'm sure we won't be...
In case anyone is interested, here are the channel numbers for HD channels in the Hartford Area (Comcast). ABC - 78.2 PBS - 79.1 NBC - 79.2 Fox - 82.1 CBS - 110.2
Doug, I'd assume the Elgato would work fine since it supports QAM -- you'd get the networks, but none of the encrypted stuff. If you're just looking to record, I know I've read many posts of people just hooking the motorola box to their Mac via firewire and recording from there. I haven't bothered dragging my G4 downstairs yet to try it out myself, but I'm guessing iMovieHD would work nicely with this. BTW - Do you get Discovery HD in Bristol? -Scott
I'm a Comcast subscriber, that's why I have one of their boxes
I hooked up the cable directly to my TV and the PQ is 100% better on SD and Analog over the Comcast box. I think I found Fox HD, CSB HD, NBC HD and PBS HD. I don't think I found ABC HD, but there are so many subchannels to flip through that I don't remember exactly. I need to go through and write them down. Scott, you mentioned other "nice perks" with a QAM tuner. I didn't notice anything out of the norm, could you elaborate? Thanks, Scott
I have an ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuner built into my Sony Grand Wega LCD Proj TV. If I hook the cable up to my "ANT" input on the back of my TV and go to the "Add Digital" in my Setup menu, I should be able to get the network channels mentioned above, without my digital box, right? I tried messing around with this while I was waiting for an HDTV box to be installed when I first go my TV, but didn't have any luck. I think I'll try again to see if I get better PQ by bypassing the...
cheneyp, The channel lineup on comcast.com is outdated. It has INHD2 listed for my zip code and we don't get it. It also lacks a listing for Fox 61 HD which we do get. To me, INHD2 looks like the better of the two channels, programming-wise. 382 happens to be the slot they broadcast NESN-HD and FSN HD content on, and interrupt the normal INHD2 programming. I'm hoping we get it back before April, but I'm not holding my breath. In general, I'd rather have...
First post . . . Does anyone know what the capacity of the Hartford area network is? I've read on other forums that certain networks are rated at 550mhz, 750mhz, 850mhz etc. Also, I've been told by Comcast reps that once our network is upgraded we'll have expanded HD channel capacity and will likely see Discovery HD, INHD2 and other HD channels that our area is lacking compared to other Comcast areas. Anybody know when these upgrades will be completed? Right...
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