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Yes, but she has a couple of positive attributes... If she can control her droning annoying voice to some extent she'd be tolerable. There is hope- look at Tracy S. on Revolution, after much criticism for the "scrunched up forehead" thing she did all throughout the first season- it's completely gone now.I thought the last episode was marginally better, Julian getting strung up was pretty fun!
...at least we finally found out what on earth was going on with Ian! I also though Frank was going to toss the bottle- but he's still Frank after all.... As soon as I saw the back of the head looking out the car window I knew who it was.. hard to kill a cockroach I guess
Irwin Allen was a genius! Same actor- same rubber suit- green spray paint for Voyage to Bottom of the Sea, red spray paint for Lost in Space! Genius!
Watched it last night- and I agree!Elizabeth is clearly paying the price for trying to be the aloof/detached agent without feelings.She's just downright scary in her current state. Excellent acting by Keri Russel....I was actually thinking that when Stan met with Oleg and push came to shove... that Stan would have the gnads to put one between Oleg's eyes.
It's gotta be Bill P.! Nobody's genuinely that nice.... I was just dying to hear him say (after their first encounter with Death-Lock) "Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal! "
"U" is for underwhelmed! ..by the season four finale'..
Cable may still be the best choice for the OP if he want's to invest in two 6-tiner Tivo's and 6 Mini's for the remaining rooms. That way you only pay the cable package monthly rate plus monthly rental fee (usually $1-$2) for the two cable cards, and maybe an "additional outlet" fee ($1) for the second Tivo. I'd run the numbers on that setup and I bet after 2-3 years you'll b on the positive side of the equation using the TiVo's ans Mini's.
I think the earlier episodes were more entertaining. Some of us are watching now because it's like the proverbial train wreck...
And the last 5 seconds where he utters "... and kids, that's how I met your mother".I hope they filmed a shot years ago of the two kids having fell asleep on the couch...
I fixed that for you....
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