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Best to worst what? Clarity, brightness, color reproduction, contrast, noise level, ease of setup? At the budget level, every projector will have weaknesses and strengths. The list would be different depending on what criteria is most important to you - it may be helpful to narrow your choices down to 2 or 3 at the most.
Setting the output to TV only is routing your front channels to the TV as it is supposed to do. The use of "TV only" is exactly that: using ONLY the TV, not the surround speaker system.
Recently picked up Pink: Funhouse Tour - Live in Australia. AV quality is very solid; maybe not reference, but no significant weaknesses. Pink fans and those that are looking for a good concert blu-ray should pick it up.
Felt as though I needed to add my two cents to the discussion: I asked my wife for the box set as a Christmas gift and she came through for me (and only paid 50 bucks in the process). I was stoked UNTIL I began to read this thread the next day and then I started to worry because there are very few things that I pay attention to more in films than color issues. You can give me a soft picture, too much EE, too dark, etc and I won't care, but I gotta have decent color...
You don't happen to be viewing in Dynamic mode? I know that when I have to switch to that mode, skin becomes 'plastic' looking.
I wouldn't go so far as to say that - while my set does exhibit the pops and I see them, I would not presume that everyone watching the set would notice. So far, I seem to be the only one in my family that has seen them (and my wife is the kind of person that would ask about them if she saw them). They are pretty subtle and many people aren't geared to notice or care about fluctuations like that.I may try and see if I can capture a video of them for the people asking. I...
There's potential for rainbow effect on nearly every DLP - as to whether it might be visible to you is unknown. I believe the color wheel is a 6x speed wheel, so rainbows should be minimal.
Make sure you set the overscan settings to 100% if they aren't already. Both the projector and the video card drivers will often have these settings. I think my HC4000 defaults to 100%, so I'd guess it's the video card settings. PCs will often default to something other than 1:1 pixel mapping when connected to a television display.
While I've never actually replaced a lamp (I was lucky enough that my last PJ came with 2 lamps that both lasted well over 10000 hrs), the cost of the lamp IS a major concern. A previous post in this thread compared it to a regular light bulb or a set of tires. Neither are good comparisons. A regular light bulb cost me AT MOST the same as a cheeseburger. THAT's a consumable. A set of tires for my car costs about the same or more than a new PJ lamp, but the...
Yeah, the new lamp is the main reason for the brightness difference.
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