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Moviefone's Best Vampire and Werewolves Foreign Films: http://blog.moviefone.com/2010/10/19...lf-films-ever/
I'm not sure I'd call Audition a "slasher" film. I'll be curious to see what the other categories will be in upcoming lists.Edit:Nevermind. They've already announced what the categories will be:Slashers: Monday, October 18Vampires and Werewolves: Tuesday, October 19The Supernatural: Wednesday, October 20Monster Mutations: Thursday, October 21Scary Sci-Fi: Friday, October 22Zombies: Saturday, October 23WTF: Sunday, October 24
Yeah, Inside is the one I have not seen from that list. I'm tracking it down. I liked Wolf Creek at the time, but it is certainly not in the same league as Haute Tension or Phenomena.
Today's flick: The Deaths of Ian Stone What a nice surprise this one was. A genuinely interesting concept: a man wakes up at the same time every day in a different reality. His goal for the day: to survive "The Harvesters" that are chasing after him, only to get caught and killed and start all over again the next day. The end was a bit derivative, but I enjoyed every minute of this one. a solid 8/10.
Moviefone posted their list of the Five Best Foreign Slasher Films today. Thought it was worthy of a look. http://blog.moviefone.com/2010/10/18...er-films-ever/
Tonight's: Paranormal Activity I'm conflicted. First time seeing this one, because I somehow managed to avoid all the hype surrounding it. I'll get this out of the way: I LIKED the movie. Did I LOVE it like I loved Blair Witch or the best of the month so far, Lake Mungo? No. It gave me some genuine chills and was fun to watch, but the little nagging problems became too distracting as the movie progressed. I thought the female lead really had some poor acting...
Last night's flick: Saw VI What can ya say here? It's Saw. You either love them or hate them. Personally, I love them. There's nothing new in this one that we haven't seen in the past 5. As much as I thought the first Saw was a fairly interesting and ground-breaking movie, I also believe that the rest of the movies have raised the bar on what's possible in term of gore effects, each one out-doing the last with a perfect blend of practical and CGI. Gore doesn't...
The scene where they play the game is probably the single most creepy scene in any movie I've seen in the past 10 yrs. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.
I've tried to like Suspiria. I know I'm supposed to, given it's heritage. But I found the many small "issues" with it always keep me from enjoying it - I always wish Argento had made it later in his career, when he could have spent more on production. My favorite Argento film has always been "Phenomena" with "Tenebre" a close second.
The past two days have resulted in three interesting movies, each one good for completely different reasons: Netflix kindly dropped off Drag Me To Hell in my mailbox. This is classic Raimi. You can see his touches everywhere. Every other director would simply splatter a bit of blood on the actress' face. Not Sam - he's gonna give what amounts to a decomposed facial numerous times and we're gonna like it! I especially liked that everyone except Justin Long...
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