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New HD channels available soon: 719 ESPN Deportes HD (Latino Tier) 725 Univisión Deportes (Digi Tier 1, Latino View, Charter TV Silver) 730 TeleFórmula HD (Latino View) 741 C-SPAN 2 HD (Basic Service, Charter TV Select) 742 C-SPAN 3 HD (Basic Service, Charter TV Select) 799 Nat Geo Wild HD (Digi Tier 1, Digital View Plus, Charter TV Silver) 829 NHL Network HD (Sports View, Charter TV Gold) 862 EWTN HD (Digi Tier 1, Digital View Plus, Charter TV Silver) 863 Daystar HD...
HD Auto Tune doesn't work here with WUNE, either. On the Lincolnton system, the following channels don't work with HD Auto Tune: 12 WUNE 34/329 Fox Sports Carolinas 40 The Weather Channel 87/116 Nicktoons 106 FamilyNet 107 Daystar 138 BBC World News 159 ShopHQ 209 TeleFórmula 210 EWTN en Español 290 TV Japan 291 ONE World Sports 313 World Fishing Network 677 EPIX
HD Auto Tune is being rolled out in the Hickory area. This user-selectable feature, when activated, will cause HD-capable cable boxes to tune to the HD version of a channel, subject to channel availability and appropriate information being put into the guide data. HD Auto Tune is active on HD-capable DVRs that have iGuide version 79.57-R29.6.r-5. In the the Main Menu, highlight Setup, then press OK/SELECT on your remote. In the Setup menu, highlight Guide Setup, then...
Ideally, cable systems would carry only HD channels (along with those SD channels that aren't available in HD), and send those to HD-capable equipment which can perform downconversion if needed for an old SD or analog TV.
HD channels are included in each of Charter's service tiers; if an SD channel is in a particular tier, its HD version is in the same tier, at no extra charge (for example, TNT HD is in the expanded basic tier because the SD version has been in that tier). There are a few HD-only channels, but they're part of the service tiers as well, again at no additional charge. HD channels (aside from local stations) were part of a separate tier, but the new pricing scheme put in...
Veedon, I don't know what TWC's rates are, but for your comparison here's a picture of the Charter's July 2013 rate card for western North Carolina and portions of eastern Tennessee (click for full size): The Broadcast Surcharge is now $3.50, the Latino Tier is now $6.99, and the Interactive Services Fee is now $6.99 per receiver; all other rates are still current.
The transition to all-digital has taken place in Lincolnton and vicinity, no more analog or clear digital channels here.
Charter has presented a formal offer to buy TWC for $61.3 billion ($49.50 of CHTR stock and $83 cash per share), which has been rejected by TWC's board of directors, which wants at least $100 of CHTR stock and $60 cash per share for the company. http://www.cnbc.com/id/101323469
According to TWC's FAQ regarding the new genre-based lineup, the distinction between HD and SD channels in the lineup will disappear, with both being assigned the same channel numbers:What this means is if you tune to a cable channel that has both HD and SD feeds avialable on the cable system, HD boxes will tune to the HD feed, and SD-only boxes and DTA's will tune to the SD feed, something like how ke4pym's got his DirecTV program guide set up, except that the SD...
Charter's going to get rid of the analog channels on its systems in Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Gaston, and Lincoln counties this coming Tuesday, and expects to have all of its systems all-digital by the end of 2014. If Charter does end up taking over TWC, or at least TWC's systems in the Carolinas, a move to all-digital would likely happen sooner rather than later.
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