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Hey guys i just upgraded to this Denon avr-4310CI from my tried and true Yamaha rx-v2600! and I LOVE IT!!!! OMG!!! the sound is out of this world! And I was worried about the HD radio issue and the network card problems. Well i am happy to report that i do not hear any motorboat sounds when i listen to an HD Radio channel here in Dallas, Texas. And i do not have any problems with the NIC inside the AVR-4310ci. In fact i am listening to smooth jazz internet radio through...
Okay thanks for the reply! I sent you a PM but disregard.
Sorry about that I was a bit tired when I did this. What I was looking for was the sub have a x-over. I did read the manual and it did not help me on that. And actually I am glad you replied on this since you had a DG1000.
hey guys i have a question on the 5300es does anybody have any pics that show the volume osd looks like and i read the manual for this receiver and im trying to see if the receiver has sub xover freq. and i do not see them. can somebody help me on this
well i can say that i just bought the insignia hd tuner for $30 off of craigslist and using my HDTV antenna and its working pretty good. I do notice sometimes it lose the hd feed but i do get the hd radio channels here in dallas, texas
i agree i would buy the extended warranty for the sharp
dang you beat me to the punch!
Hey guys what do you think about pairing the mirage omnisat 6 speakers with a Yamaha RX-V2600. Here is the website for the picture of these speakers: http://www.hometheatersound.com/equi...e_omnisat6.htm
yes i am still impressed with the 5003. but have not had a chance to try out the 5005. i hope they fixed the problems they had with the popping in the xxx4 series.
As much as i am a big yamaha fan, i have to agree to disagree with you saying the yamaha 1065 is better than the marantz 5003. If i did not have my yamaha rx-v2600, i would have bought the marantz 5003. i dont think the yamaha 1065 is in the same league as the marantz 5003. I've seen the power ratings for the two and of course the marantz is much closer to their power specs. and i had the pleasure of setting up the 5003 and i like it So my vote is the marantz 5003 and i...
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