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If people want hi-end gear why no just buy Bose?
It rather simple: If you are poor (like myself) you buy cheap and hope it sounds good. So you look at gear like Emotiva, Polk, Denon, etc, etc, etc. I'll tell you, the inexpensive stuff nowaday sounds damn great. If you are rich you buy whatever pleases you. You'll buy $20,000 cables made of gold and silver just because. It's really about your income.
Cool beans
Hey people, Don't like the XMC, we have choices..
Do you own a UMC-1? If not, why are you upset about it not having a promised feature?I would have to say the UMC-1 was a mess. Emotiva most likely had do deal with getting things fixed above adding new features.In all, we have choices. We have Marantz, Outlaw, Krell, Onkyo, Cary audio, etc,etc offer pure pre/pro options. So the folk who don't want a XMC, don't bother ranting just buy some else.
Well they did not bring 3D to the UMC.. Wow.. 3D is sooooo big that everyone and their mother is using it.. Wait, not true.. 3D IS DEAD.. so not having a DEAD feature in your prepro, I say smart move Emotiva..Next.
Sir, I believe you running on emotions not really thinking practically.HDMI 2.0. userful if you are doing 4K content above 24fps and color above 8bit. - requires purchase of new TV/projector (do we even had a replacement for Blu-ray as of yet? NO)Dolby Vision: Requires new TV/projector purchase. With TV sales in a slump (because most people have already upgraded from SD TV, rear projection, 1st-2nd-3rd- gen HD TVs). Buying a new TV just for some new features (remember 3D),...
We need to take services like Netflix, spotify, vudu, etc, etc. and put them in the right category. They are there for convenience and not for quality. I wish the industry would concentrate on a replacement for Blu-ray. No more spinning disk but something flash memory based.
You know, I'm still pissed off at Adam for the crap he did in the garden. Now look at us men, we no longer have dominion of the earth and the animals. We've lost all power in the home. The man cave should say on a plaque - The room my wife ALLOWS me to have.
With ALLLL that space in the back of the room, why aren't there more subs in the room?? Can you imaging 4 more subs like the one's in the front.. Freaking awesome..
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