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Hi AVS folks, Basically, I have too many CD ripping robot boxes taking up space in my living room and bedroom. You should take them off my hands because I am selling them off cheap! Pricing is $130+S/H each for 50-disc CD robots, NEW IN BOX, acquired from an equipment recovery warehouse several years ago. The retail price for this type of machine elsewhere is $400 to $600 new. I also include the driver I wrote for dbpoweramp's batch ripper as well as my iTunes automator...
Looks like we lost the last week or so of this thread due to the AVS Forum crash. -brendan
MediaDogg: Perhaps the drive transport geometry isn't custom, just older. e.g. you're just comparing a "newer" generation drive to an older one inside the changer unit. I believe the majority of contemporary drives must conform to the SFF specifications which is why newer drives aren't nearly as deep as older ones and also why the trays no longer eject fully from the housing. I run into both issues when trying to add new drives to older duplicator robots - having to...
My comment about anydvd was that it allows you to do dvd video playback remotely *with* standard CIFS filesharing. CS did bring up a useful point though. If you want to use the device for remote cd ripping/playing or cd/dvd burning, you can't access it through file sharing. Instead, iSCSI or AOE would have to be harnessed for those to be compatible with most applications and you probably want to avoid burning over the network with normal apps (due to triggering too...
"Charmed Quark Systems", says google. The iSCSI bit is for software players that do de-CSS. An alternate would be to run AnyDVD on the serving machine, then you should be able to work with regular CIFS/SMB shares.-brendan
I suspect you meant "...Changer Drive still..."? -brendan
Awesome news, shizzle. Looks like you're closing in on the finish line. A suggestion, if you don't mind: when posting the CDBs that work, also post them to the xl1b wiki. -brendan
MyMovies supports the xl1b series of changers(there is a PDF on their site regarding what changer hardware they support and what caveats there are), but cannot stream the dvd to extenders. AnyDVD can decrypt on the fly but can interact badly with systems that perform metadata lookup for DVDs assuming they will see a protected DVD to generate lookup information from. -brendan
So...the XL1B doesn't have any sort of intrinsic "perform inventory" type of command? Most changer devices do...it seems like a serious oversight in the design if it does not. -brendan
Unfortunately I can't help with examples, as I have not used plscsi (or SPT) to talk to the xl1b and recently nothing but optical drives themselves. I did do a lot of testing for Robert Nelson a few years ago when he did his original port of mtx to windows (which led to him becoming the mtx mainline maintainer). Picked up a couple of the large Pioneer six-drive/600 disc libraries...which are still lurking in the corner of my office and living room gathering dust (don't...
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