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Sounds like he's going without a cable box. Your suggestion should be right for him if that is the case.
If you haven't already, you might want to post this question in the antenna area of the forum.
For anyone who might be interested, DISH Network has added WCWN and WMHT in HD.
As is WXXA. I would think that Winegard would have no trouble from that location even in an attic mount. Need a lot of room in there though it's pretty big.
Like many others have reported I also had problems with Pandora and Internet Radio since returning from my Christmas vacation and also had problems with the Denon App on my phone not finding my receiver and no airplay from laptop or phone. Like others I recieved no prompt to update the firmware. After reading the many posts here regarding the issue and your responses I set about trying to download firmware update even though my receiver said I had the latest firmware. ...
A bit late to the party, I just got this one from Blockbuster in the mail after a long wait. I have to agree your review was pretty spot on. We really enjoyed the movie. Rental disc however contained 0 extras which was very disappointing. The only complaint I had was as previously mentioned a few scenes with low dialogue were hard to hear. We were listening to it a bit below reference level on Denon AVR2112 using Audyssey setup. If it ever makes it to the cheap bin I...
For anyone who hasn't picked Brave up yet, it is on sale for $17.99 at Target this week. With this $10 rebate for buying Brave and 2 boxes of Kellogs cereal (which we buy all the time anyway) it effectively brings the price down to $7.99. The rebate offer is good till 12/31/12.
Target has $10 off coupon for Indiana Jones The Complete Adventures BluRay: http://coupons.target.com/entertainment-coupons Don't recall seeing it posted before. I printed it today and it expires 1/5/13 so there is time to wait for a sale if one comes along.
I haven't been able to check it for a while but just now it seems A-OK.
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