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Thanks for the update, It is working now!
Are these the same versions that were released seperately and had all the complaints about PQ?
I spoke with a friend on Wednesday who lives a few miles from me on Main St. in Hancock. He said that he is getting 45 and is watching channel 6 on 45-3. I would peg his location at just a few miles south west of me. The Jiminy transmitter would be directly between his house and Pittsfield. Of course there is always the chance he is getting it from the Albany tower, but I doubt it because his antenna is pointed directly at Jiminy. He is OTA only. I haven't had a...
I sent a PM to WRGB EngDept about Jiminy transmitter but have not as yet received a reply.
I still am unable to get more than 1 bar of signal (out of 10) from the Jiminy transmitter. I am line of sight 1 mile from transmitter. When it first went live i was getting 6 or 7 bars steady.Unrelated to that, did anyone notice that the dialogue channel on Sunday's Giants - 49ers game on WXXA was very low relative to the broadcast? While watching the G-Men put a punding on San Fran I had to turn my sound system volume up much higher than I have it on most 5.1 TV...
I have been out of town for a bit. I will check on it later tonight.
Thanks still nothing here
I was unable to receive CW 15 HD channel 45 off the jiminy Peak repeater this morning. No signal at all. Haven't tried it for a few weeks was wondering if anyone else had same issue.
Question for TWC QAM users: I have seen TWC HD using QAM without HD converter box at a location (not my residence) and on all of the HD channels I have watched using the Samsung TV's QAM tuner, mostly 6-1, 10-1 and 13-1, there seems to be an annoying amount of pixelation and breakup similar to what I see on my Sat DISH when the big thunderstorm hits. It is not constant breakup, but frequent enough to be annoying. Anyone else seeing this or is it just the location I'm...
BTW thanks for fixing jiminy Peak.
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