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I looked further in the email (had just read title) and it only includes 60 channels. Surprised since they are trying to lure customers back. Whose idea is it to lure you back by letting you listen to 60 "selected" channels. Oh well thanks for the replies.
+1, can't remember a shorter postgame in a SB or any championship game. I think the Pats handled the loss with class. They are a great team, take nothing away from them. Belichek and Coughlin meeting on the field you could definitley see the love & respect they have for each other. NBC forced us to ESPN & WWOR out of NY to watch postgame. Great time to be a Giants fan. I try to impress on my boys to enjoy them because they are so rare. BTW we are also Mets fans so we...
What a great game. I couldn't breathe during the last four minutes. Eli does it again. Glad I was able to share this game with my three sons.
Sirius XM is having a freeview from 2/1 to 2/14. I got an email on it (actually several). I cancelled all my subscriptions in the fall but thought I'd listen during the freeview to see if I really miss it that much. It works in our XM Toyota and Sirius Fusion, but not in our Sirius Expedition. Just sits on channel 184 with a scroll "Call Sirius" while a promo plays in the background. Also in the cars its working in only certain channels are turned on. No religous...
I would agree the rape talk is off limits, but not the other stuff.
The ref's call you refer to was the proper call. Fox analyst Mike Pereira agreed that it was called properly. His forward progress was ruled stopped, which the replay clearly showed and such a call is not reviewable. By rule you cannot fumble after your forward progress is stopped. Nothing like the calf down call from last weeks Packer game. This was a brutally physical game and the fact that the Giants had no turnovers is remarkable. 49ers had +28 for the year, but...
All understandable and we do appreciate the heads up. Congrats to Chief Fred on his retirement, but no doubt he will be greatly missed. I'm just across the street so if you need a hand...
Same here W. I wonder why WRGB pulled the plug on it so quickly. Perhaps something went bad up there and they just can't get up there to fix it. Would be nice if they would drop a note to let us know. Frustrating not getting the channel after getting the channel after so long not being able to get the channel. Oh well.
+1 for Harmony. Using a Harmony for all HT components including my 2112CI. Super easy setup using computer, easy to use for the whole family, you will wonder how you ever lived without one.
They'll either have to come up with some sort of a plug in module or something for Sirius equipment or they will have a big problem on their hands. I wonder what there current subscriber numbers look like as it seems a lot of people, myself included, have canceled recently.
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