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All I need is time!!
Thanks for all the great suggestions. I will continue to research this until it warms up a bit here. Below zero nights for the weekend and most of next week the way it looks right now.
Genious Snuba, genious!!!! Your suggestion worked perfectly. After I tried what you said, I went back and re-read the manual for about the 7th time and there it was right in black and white! All that time I was just ONE button away.
Apology accepted. I found what you found in about the same time frame. I posted that I couldn't find "much". That setup looks extremely difficult to setup and build. That was all I could find other than a Terk indoor/outdoor that looked lame and I was hoping for a simpler solution than that monstrous diagram. Would a single wire strung close to the house say under the eaves be effective? I assume I would still have to run a ground wire. I have my rooftop antenna...
I can receive FM reception on my receiver using a rooftop antenna. I can receive no AM stations using the loop that came with the receiver. The Yamaha manual suggest the use of a grounded outdoor AM antenna up to 36 meters in length. I can't seem to find much information on how to make one of these and how to properly ground it. Any help is appreciated.
Snuba you should give a clinic! You are on top of this machine. Thanks for all the help.
I will give it another whirl and let you know. I was doing something similar to what you describe, but I couldn't seem to get the PL II selection. Thanks for the advice.
Charlie, I had to make several adjustments. Keep in mind that this HTIB is set up in my bedroom and the speakers are probably not placed for optimum sound, but are where they can reasonably be located in the room. Also the display is not centered in the room. I used the basic setup to start and used the Yammy's own test tones and my spl meter. This was a bit difficult for me because I was used to my Onkyo 777 which is wonderful and extremely easy to set up. ...
What about Dolby Pro Logic II? Has anyone figured out how to engage it? I'm completely stumped on that one. As a side note, I calibrated sound levels using internal test tones. Sub seemed a little too hot. Used Avia disc and sure enough sub was about 6 decibels too high. This system sounds almost as good in my bedroom as my Onkyo/Pardigm w twin 12" subs in my family room. Well not quite, but pretty good considering its about a tenth of the price!!!
I tried it with a DVD and all six speaker lights lit. The lights light based on the incoming signal and not how many speakers are active apparently. Still no luck with the PLII though.
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