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Over50 I am waiting for the same unit to arrive. Would you mind elaborating on your difficulties and the solutions. My last sub lasted 17 years so it has been a while since I've done any real setup with one and now have a new Denon AVR with Aud multeq xt. Kind of overwhelmed at the moment. I agree WAF is big with these purchase decisions. Regards.
Pulled the trigger on a HSU VTF-2 MK3. Should be here soon. The CSWs are probably still good as lamp stands or something.
I haven't looked into the streaming yet, but I may be able to this weekend. My kids are more interested in the streaming than I but I will see. As far as screenshots, I've never done that. There are a few extensive threads on BB Movie pass on www.satelliteguys.us.
Never had Blockbuster or Netflix, but as a Dish Network Satellite customer with Platinum HD package, I was automatically enrolled in Blockbuster Movie Pass on 10/1, which gives the ability to download using Dish VIP722 sat receiver and 1 disc at a time rental by mail. On 10/3 in the evening I activated my account and filled my que with mostly titles from the top 100 rentals list all bluray. I plan to use the rental for newer releases and maybe games for my kids. I...
A local shop quoted me $275 - $450 estimate for repair. Recommended putting money in new. He was surprised I got 17 years out of it. Guess I'll start the hunt. Thanks for all the help guys.
I can almost taste it. Thanks for the update. Maybe we'll be up by the time the newly revamped NY Mets take the field for 2012!!
Just ordered the 2112CI. Finally decided to jump on board after months of drooling.
Was wondering if there has been any progress on this? TV Fool shows it in their plot, but can't seem to confirm if/when it goes operational. Info here: http://maps.google.com/?q=http://www...ELD%26state=MA shows a coverage map that would be favorable for my location. WCWN is still very hard/impossible to get on channel 43 here so hoping this comes on line soon.
Just cancelled 2 subscriptions after 3 yrs. Just couldn't justify the cost for the time we listen. Will miss the baseball coverage, but most of the music is available terrestrial for a lot less. They tried to give me the 77 deal but I said no. They didn't fight me on it.
I am noticing now that I have Sirius as a trial in the Fusion that the dropouts are SIGNIFICANTLY less than with XM. If only Sirius had baseball I would jump ship. I don't know if I'll really be staying with sat radio anyway as we are needing to reduce costs and it is definitely a luxury. Sub is almost up and wife and I will have to seriously discuss its future here.
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