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Would this thing work? http://www.mcminone.com/product.asp?...%5Fid=50-6377A
There is nothing else connected to the system. Aren't the old radio shack volume controls just a potentiometer? If that's the case would a low resistance fixed resistor work?
We have a small Phillips apartment style stereo system in our bedroom. Being in the bedroom we are often listening to soft music at lower volumes which presents two problems: 1. The background noise (hum) through the speakers becomes quite noticeable at low volumes. This noise does not change with volume and once the volume is increased, one cannot hear the hum as it is down out by the music. 2. The volume control is digital and the resolution of control at low...
Does anyone have the key combo down for checking firmware version on the v592? Maybe even just part of it and we can piece the parts together? Please??? Throw us a bone here!!? :)
I'm looking to purchase a new centre channel speaker that might match what I have now. My current fronts are Mission 763's but since Mission speakers are no longer available in Canada they aren't an easliy available choice. The Klipsch RC25 is on sale here in town and I was wondering if anyone might comment on this speaker or how it might match the Mission front speakers. Amp: Pioneer VSX 9700S Front: Mission 763 43 l volume, 3.2 kHz crossover, Rear:...
To my suprise, after explaining my disatisfaction with the upgrade to the v593, the CSR "found" a v592 and are exchanging it! :) Now to check the firmware when it arrives. Has anyone written down the button sequence?
Don't waste your time with the v593 if your buying it for the upconversion features. Upconversion quality is not good. Chances are good your display will do a better job. Now if you can find a Toshiba v592, that's worth going for.
As some of you will know, I had to send my sd- v592 back for warranty which Toshiba replaced with an "upgraded" v593. I would say that Toshiba deserves some recognition for replacing the unit just outside of their stupidly short 90 day warranty but not for the "upgrade". I am very disappointed with the v593 when compared with the v592. This is not an upgraded unit at all and in my amature opinion, the upscaling on this unit sucks. After some comparing, the Panasonic...
Oops. Give me a minute to extract foot from mouth. As you say, Noonie, it does 480p. I suppose it is even possible that the aspect controls will be better on the v593 so it won't matter. Does anyone out there have the low down on the v593 vs v592 wrt pic quality and upscaling technology? Someone's gotta know!
The v592 also would do 480p over hdmi and I see no indication that the v593 will do this. This was important when watching non anamorphically recorded DVD's. The Toshiba had extremely crappy aspect controls. The picture quality was VCR like so I had to use the aspect controls on my panasonic AE700. The trouble is, there was no aspect controls available in 720p or 1080i. So, 480p was critical if I wanted to stay digital.
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