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That's a good deal. I got one for $60 on a Black Friday deal two holidays ago... Works great when you want to watch OTA TV from your W7 laptop from anywhere in the house.
How about getting a shelf? Then you can use any router you want...
I just installed MBServer this weekend on my HTPC.... I was testing out the Web Client and seem to be running into issues with Live TV. If I use the Chrome browser on my phone, the Tuner does not get released when I exit Live TV. It seems to work ok when I use Chrome on my Laptop. (from a video playback and controls/buttons standpoint, Chrome seemed to be better than Firefox for both my Android phone and Windows Laptop, so I was trying to stick with Chrome) I saw one...
Did you try changing the channel on your router? Instead of 6, try 1 or 11. You can download different programs to scan channels and see what your neighbors are using.... For Android, you can get WiFi Analyzer. For Windows, try Metageek's InSSIDer.
So, from a Live TV standpoint, does it make any difference if Server and Classic are on two different boxes? (vs putting Server and Classic on just my HTPC) Are there any pros/cons either way? Thanks.
LiveTV looks cool... I'm ready to install MB3. I have a HTPC running W7 (with i5 Ivybridge CPU) and a Server running WHS2011 (with i5 Haswell CPU), so I don't think transcoding should be an issue for any clients. Based on my setup, is there a preferred location for installing the software? a) Server: MBServer and HTPC: MBClassic b) HTPC: MBServer and MBClassic If going with Option A, does the ServerWMC plugin go on the HTPC running MBClassic? Thanks.
Just talk to the cable ISP. They should be able to get you multiple IP addresses. Typically, these are business plans, so they will be more expensive, but probably easier than bringing in another ISP. I guess the main point is just call and ask what your options are. With multiple IPs, you can assign one to the router/firewall and set another for the xbox. (what i'd recommend in this scenario is to get a linksys/netgear/dlink router and put this between the modem and...
Lots of things cause interference.... even flourescent lighting can be a problem. At a minimum, it wouldn't hurt to try changing channels on your router and doing the speed tests for both wired and wireless. There are only 3 non-overlapping channels at 2.4 GHz. 1, 6, 11. Try changing the channels and look at your link speed and run a wireless speed test. Using InSSIDer will help see what your neighbors are on.
Also, make sure for the 2nd router that you connect the ethernet cable from the 1st router into one of the LAN ports on the 2nd router. And turn off the DHCP server on the 2nd router.
Do you have mulitple IP addresses from your ISP? Does your modem have multiple LAN ports?
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