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Hopefully they will pass this on to all of us and not just find a way to send a special feed to DirecTV
From a technical aspect, is there a separate copy made for each request? ie Ten thousand people "record" "Big Bang Theory" are there 10,000 identical copies recorded - or is one (or a small number) made and each subscriber given access on demand? If it is 10.000, then it would seem to be a private recording and performance to me. If there are only a few recorded copies, then that sounds like retransmission ala Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/VOD etc.
The last three are in production order (11-12-13) but I think they planned on a 22 episode season one. Guesses on being S.O.L. ?
Basically won't work. See this current discussion. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1519528/cant-get-any-channels-when-diplexing-ota-with-cable
A big problem with 13 is when they "pick up the back 9" to equal 22. You either had a 22 episode story that never gets finished (Almost Human if not picked up?) or 13 scripted shows that suddenly have to add more "stuff" that may not be part of the plan.Or, worse yet (IMHO), a second season is called for, requiring a rewrite to cancel the original ending or plot and contriving some sort of continuance at the last minute.
Well, just to give Kring the benefit of the doubt, his original plan was for a fresh start each season with new "Heroes" and a new "quest".Additionally, I think he said that every episode had to advance the plot and something had to actually happen during each show. Perhaps outside influences got in the way? Of course that could easily happen again.I'll do my usual thing. Record - archive - wait to decide to watch.
Way too many episodes for a stand-alone story.
I'm guessing that's what the "back nine" would have provided. Neither of the teasers (TitanTV) for the final two episodes seem to involve ongoing or current story lines.
Agree whole heartily.The writers really, really, didn't want to end the series, In My Very Humble Opinion.
I agree. Some of the British shows had been given extended (13?) seasons and I found their previous tight pacing deteriorating into the endless plodding of US shows.When they inform us that "the back 9 have been picked up", I just know that they will wander around for 7 and only give us 2 (at most) coherent episodes.Procedurals can get by with any number of episodes but not serialized drama. At least I no longer have the patience to endure 13 or more rambling episodes that...
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